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  rukia paced up and down the bathroom and finally a few min. passed and she checked the small stick.(+)she was pregnant!"Ichigo!come here quick."he rushed to her side."rukia what happened why did you scream?"he said,"im pregnant"she whispered softly.her voice was quite shaky and out of the blue ishin popped out."rukia i heard you scream,what did my son did to you?"errrrm"she stuttered then looked over at ichigo.he then nodded."well dad"ichigo started,"rukia is...errr.uhhh,p-p-pregna-"he started to say and ishin quickly shoutedv"you got rukia pregnant!how could you rape her!"

"i did not rape her you old douche!"
"then what happened"ishin eyed his son suspiciously.then looked at rukia.rukia looked guilty as ever.he then said "rukia di...were you ok with all this?"
"yes ishin im sorry"she said."SORRY?im going yo be a grandfather i am so proud of you son you have to take care of rukia!you must get married as soon as possible!ill start the wedding plans today you guys will be married by nevt week!"he then takes a huge breath because he said that entire snetance in one breath."what!what do you mean dad!you want her to have the baby?shes still a kid! (as far as ishin knows :D)i thought you were going to recomend an oborsion!"ichigo said. rukia stared at him with many different emotions passing in her mind."i will not get an aborsion this is my kid and i WILL have him ichigo wether you like it or not!"then she ran away."noo rukia that is not what i meant!it was just a shock when my dad said that!rukia i want my son i love you to rukia come back!"by then rukia was gone."GOD,Ichigo you really screwed up there!how could you say that ichigo you seem cruel!"ishin lectured his son for a bit more.then for the first time since his mom died he shed a tear.not one but many ,he grumbled at himself.

rukia was next to a quiet stream craddling her unborn child in her stomach.she cried but then sucked it up and stopped,she knew ichigo would look for her.

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yojoe555 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
it was short but good... short and simple
Phantomhive-Child Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
OMG! This is something I haven't tought at all. But now I do. XD
AnaLucia5thEspada Featured By Owner May 20, 2010  Hobbyist
orihime would be so pissed and sad ....i like it >:3
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cutierocker123 Featured By Owner May 20, 2010
sure where is it?
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