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  Rukia calmly got up and dusted her almost see through dress.She had to go to the doctor for her child,so that is just what she did.As she was on her way a red light stopped her.She stood there waiting,when all of a sudden a biker pulled over next to her.She then remembered there was a story on the news about a raper on the loose who had already raped 5 women in a week 2 of wich are dead.She could easily beat him up in her shinigami form if it is him,wich she has no idea if he is or not,but ther was a problem.If she went in her shinigami form she had a risk of loosing the baby.She was careful and did not risk it.So she casually walked away.She walked and was looking around to look for another way to go to the hospital.

  "Look out!"a youg man shouted to rukia ,and he quickly swept her away.
  "What the hell is the big idea!Do I even know you!"
  "No,no you dont but if you look to your left you can clearly see i saved your life."
  "Wha-"she then saw a crashed stem roller wich would of easily killed her,and her child."Thank you very much...."
   "Miroku,Miroku Hatsune"the man replied,the name seemed familiar but she ignored it."well young lady what is your name?"
   "Rukia Kuckiki"Rukia replied."What a lovely name."Miroku respnded."Well,i have to show you something,come here trust me!"he said with a warm,inviting smile.She nodded and followed him."What is it th"she was interupted by Mirokus hand wuickly ripping one sleeve of her dress."WHAT THE HELL MIR-""shut up!"miruko said.she then realized HE was the raper on the news.

  she thought fast and ran past him.she ran towards ichigos house trying to get away from this man.

  she bursted in ichigos door.ichigo looked delighted "rukia your ba-""shut up and close the door and lock it..NOW!""OK.."

  As he reached to the door miroku bursted in and said "wheres that little bitch!"
"hey!i am not your bitch ok,if im anyones im ichigos!"she shouted without thinking"...rukia?does that want me still?""shut up!errrrrr gahhhhhhh"
"ok rukia"when he said that he quickly turned and gave miroku a side kick to the face making him uncauntious."never mess with rukia!"

----------------------------------------------2 hours later

   the police had arrived and taken him to jail.rukia was still,obviously,mad at ichigo."rukia i did not mean it,i just said that because my dad,knowing him,would usually say an aborsion"
"heeey!i would say that if it was someone like orihime,or tatsuki,not rukia ,we all know and love her."
ishin quickly said
"ok ichigo ill let it go this time but one more negative thing from you and you are in deep sh*t"
ichigo smiled and thanked her.then he hugged her "ichigo...""rukia i love you  please...will you marry me?"
rukia was shocked,then she kissed him romanticly"i take that as a yes?""of course you fool i will marry you"

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Maddie159 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Student Artist
Ever Ichiruki fans dream!...... <3 Ilove it!!!!!!!!
LEd-The-Fullmetalkid Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Go Kurosaki family!
DoozB Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011
love it !!! xx
dolled-up-corpse Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
completely giddy with joy just from reading this
cutierocker123 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
thank you alot !!!
im really happy i will soon make part 3 as soon as i can
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